I'm Daphne, a 27 year old graduate culture management and communication sciences, born and bred in Belgium. I already fell in love with London during my several (short) visits in the past, but I really got to know the city in 2013. During my culture management studies I did an internship in London (Islington) and lived in Hackney, a neighbourhood I didn't know before but now treasure very much.

I try to provide you with the nicest places, mostly off the obvious tourist grid (see art, eat, drink, shop, sleep and visit)  and the best stories on the blog.


This is a website for London lovers and, maybe more important, for those who want to know why so many people admire this city.

Let's start with why I cherish London so much. I once read in a book called 'Londoners' (it gives the reader many different stories about people who love, hate, left or long for London; a must-read by the way):

"Whatever their reason or origin, they are laughing, rushing, conniving, snatching free evening newspapers, speaking into phones, complaining, sweeping floors, tending to hedge funds, pushing empty pint glasses, marching, arguing, drinking, kneeling, swaying, huffing at those who stand on the left-hand side of the escalator, moving, moving, always moving. It's a city of verbs."

I think this might be the best definition of London(ers). It's never static, always moving, changing, improving. Dynamic.

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own photo

Everything on this website is tried and tested, so I speak from my experiences. Yes, you'll notice my focus is mainly on East London, but in my opinion that's just the coolest area in town. It's young, creative and not posh. Also, I've lived and worked in East London for 4 months so it was 'my' neighbourhood for a while. I update the site regularly, as I go to London several times a year.


You're probably all wondering why I named this website London is your oyster. Well, I really like the expression 'the world is your oyster', which means you have the ability and the freedom to do anything or go anywhere. In my opinion you could say this for London, because you can find everything in London. Second reason is 'oyster', which refers to the Oyster card (the card almost everyone uses to travel in London). 

- Daphne