'Paris vs. London' pt. 1: The Tourists

In two weeks I'm going on a well-deserved (I blame exams) trip to Paris. Although London will always be my #1 (cheesy, I know hihi) I like Paris very much. Definitely during summer and when there are must-see exhibitions like now (Dries Van Noten! Bill Viola! Mapplethorpe!).

Inspired by the blog (and the book) 'Paris versus New York, a tally of two cities' I decided to do a set of illustrations on Paris vs. London. Similarities, clichés, differences, etc. Today I present you the first one:

We all know the typical tourists who buy in every city they visit a t-shirt or a bag from the lowest quality with the most cliché text or print. Think: 'I love NY' or 'Venezia' on a striped shirt.

The Tourists

If you have an idea for a 'Paris vs. London' drawing, don't hesitate to email or tweet me. Or just post it on the Facebook page.

PS: Don't use an illustration without permission, thanks!

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