'Paris vs. London' pt. 2: The Museums

Inspired by the blog (and the book) ‘Paris versus New York, a tally of two cities' I decided to do a set of illustrations on Paris vs. London. Similarities, clichés, differences, etc. As promised, here is part 2:

You probably know by now I'm into contemporary art and museums and all things around it (OK, I love Tate Modern, I admit it!), so that's why I made this illustration. Two amazing buildings, one (Centre Pompidou) built from scratch and opened in 1977, the other one was once a power station (closed in 1981). In 2000, the building was reinvented and adapted by Herzog & de Meuron to what it is today. Or at least, to what it was a few years ago. At the moment they're building a new wing, also designed by Herzog & de Meuron, which is scheduled to open in 2016.

Copyright Daphne Ronse

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