I wish you all a very happy 2015! I spent NYE for the first time in London and it was so lovely! We went shopping first and headed to the fireworks in the evening, after a delicious dinner at Busaba. As this year's fireworks were ticketed (£10) we had to be there quite in advance for organisational reasons. Two hours and a half in advance was a bit long, but totally worth it. Maybe you could see the fireworks from other places in the city as well, but we really had a front row view...

(own photo)
(own photo)

Here are a few pictures from the lovely Christmas decorations in the city. Shops were open Dec 31, but some (not all) closed earlier than usual (5pm or 6pm). On New Year's Day we did some shopping as well around Covent Garden. All stores were open in that area, but unfortunately a bit further at Seven Dials most (smaller) shops were closed. We didn't make it to the New Year's Day Parade, although we planned to go. Time just flies by when having fun :)

Covent Garden (own photo)
Covent Garden (own photo)