Fotografiska comes to London

Photography lovers will have another reason to visit London in 2018, as the Swedish Fotografiska museum opens a London branch in November 2018.

Fotografiska is located in Stockholm and has an exhibition space of 2 500 square meters to feature four major exhibitions per year and approximately 15-20 minor exhibitions. It is one of Stockholm’s most popular attractions.

Not just about photography

In addition to visiting the exhibitions you can listen to concerts, eat, drink, take a photography course or even arrange an event or a conference in a creative environment. High hopes for the London branch, I would say!


Fotografiska will set foot in London’s Tower Hamlets borough (Whitechapel) and will have an exhibition space of more than 8 000 square meters. This means the gallery will be able to host up to seven exhibitions at once. Wow!

photo: Fotografiska London

photo: Fotografiska London