News and more news!

Hi all, it has been too long! I had a pretty busy schedule during summer (think: work - study - exams - vacation), but the good news is: I'm back with a lot of news! Yes, I also went to London and I have a few new good places I'll add to the website soon. Read on for your daily dose of London.

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Creative minded people: this one is for you!

Last Saturday (9 August) was the opening of London's newest hidden gem: House of Vans London. No, it isn't a new Vans shop but a 3,000sqm underground creative lab. Literally, because it's beneath Waterloo Station in the Old Vic Tunnels (central London). It's a new home for artists in residence (Tunnel #2), an open music platform with a capacity of 850 people (Tunnel #3), a bar, a cinema and most of all: London's only indoor skatepark (Tunnel #4 and #5). But you can also just come by to relax and hang out.

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