The Old Street transformation

Wow. Just wow. The Old Street roundabout really is the place to be this summer! Until October you can watch the rest of the Word Cup at the pop-up bar, but also Wimbledon and the Tour de France or just grab a drink.


Old Street roundabout was once (OK, not so long ago) the ugliest roundabout (also called 'Silicon roundabout' because of all the tech companies in the area) on earth. In the middle you had an ugly building, which wasn't used anymore, and on top of that a huge advertising construction. I remember my first visit to Old Street very well: it was in April 2012 when I walked out of the Old Street Underground station with my mom to discover the neighbourhood a bit. It was very likely I would do an internship in that area, so we wanted to see how it was. We also went to White Cube on Hoxton Square (isn't there anymore) that day.

So we walked out of the tube station on a Saturday morning around 10 AM and there was almost nobody there. We were almost on our own at the ugliest roundabout ever, with underneath it probably the ugliest underground station in London, looking around. At the underground exit there was someone sleeping on the ground and most shops weren't open yet. My mom said: 'Are you sure this is where we have to be..?' But I saw a piece by ROA, a nice coffee bar and a few galleries and I knew: this is it. So I answered my mom: 'Yes, definitely and I can't wait to do my internship here!' (She looked at me like I was crazy.) Less than a year later I walked by that street and that ugly roundabout every day. It became one of my favourite places. On a morning during weekdays people are rushing to their work, grabbing a free newspaper and walking by EAT to quickly pick up a coffee or a sandwich. On a Saturday or Sunday morning everything is still quiet and it like looks the neighbourhood is preparing itself for an awesome weekend. OK, I could be a bit biased because I kind of had a first date at Old Street roundabout. (I was waiting there in the snow on a Sunday morning to grab a coffee and pancakes together, hehe.)

But the whole point is: since that day in April 2012 until now, Old Street roundabout has changed a lot. Even at the underground station the shops are evolving nicely. A month ago there was a Tate pop-up shop, a pop-up by Good & Proper tea and more pop-ups are coming (that's enough 'pop-up' in one sentence for now). So I'm really happy they finally did something nice with it. I always wondered what it would be like to be on one of the busiest roundabouts in London (think: three lanes of traffic)..




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