An introduction to London

Discovering a city of 1 572 km² (607 sq mi) and 8.5+ million people can be quite challenging, so the aim of this website and blog has always been to share the places I know and to be some kind of guidance. In the meantime I'm explaining my love for London and I hope I can transfer it to you.

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My weekend in London #2

Last week I had an amazing three-day-weekend in London and I wanted to share some photos with you. The weather was perfect -cold, but mostly sunny- and I had a perfect balance of culture, nature and shopping. I think this is one of the great things about London. This city just has this magnetic effect on me, I can't resist!

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Flowers galore (aka Chelsea Flower Show)

Today was the last day of the Chelsea Flower Show, which is a yearly event in West-London where the most beautiful gardens and flowers are shown. Also, new plants are often launched. During the event, many shops in Chelsea (mainly on King's Road towards Sloane Square) are nicely decorated. Sometimes they create a whole scenery with Victorian garden tables and chairs. I highly recommend to take a stroll there during the Chelsea Flower Show. 

Chelsea Flower Show