London Mews: quiet and cobblestoned streets in the heart of the city

Lately I'm very fascinated by the Mews streets in West-London. I came accross a picture of Hyde Park Gardens Mews and was so intrigued I had to visit it. When I was there I just wanted to know more about its history and discover more Mews. Who would have thought I would leave my beloved East End for these idyllic streets in the West End? ;) 

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The Far West: an eye on Brentford and Richmond

Hooray! London is your oyster is back with some news from London! After a good summer nap I went to London for a few days and discovered a whole area that really surprised me (in a good way). I'm a big fan of the East End, but I have to admit: West London can be quite charming as well. I could stay with a friend in Brentford (that's the far west in my eyes, you know) and that happened to be the perfect place to explore this area.

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London lovers #1

This is the first in a new series about London lovers. I asked a few people for their top 5 places in London.

My name is Hannes Pype, 31 years old, from Kortrijk, Belgium. My first encounter with London must have been about a decade ago. When I started teaching secondary school English,  I had –embarrassingly enough- never been to London. Hence my enthusiasm when I was asked to help organise a three-day London trip for our fourth year pupils. Once there I was immediately infected with the London virus. No incubation time whatsoever, instant addiction. Since then, I try to go there once or twice a year. I am even taking my band there in May to play a few gigs. So anyway, here are my five favourite spots in London, although the sheer idea of selecting merely five places has been a truly daunting task…

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