Belgo: A restaurant for those who suffer from homesickness

This one is especially for our Belgian readers (or those who love the Belgian kitchen):


When you’re away for a long time or just on a city trip and you become a bit nostalgic (or you’re desperately in need of a good Belgian meal): go to one of the four restaurants of the brand ‘Belgo’. How much I love London I have to admit my dear stomach doesn’t always accept the English food.

The restaurant I’ve tried is ‘Belgo Centraal’ because of its lovely location in Covent Garden. It’s within walking distance from the shopping mecca of London (Regent Street, Oxford Street, etc.…) and from the Covent Garden Market itself.

When entering the venue, a friendly staff member guides you to the eating area, which is in the basement of the building. With its quite industrial but still warm interior you instantly feel comfy.

‘Belgo’ offers traditional Belgian dishes as beef stew (and yes, it’s slowly cooked in Belgian beer), sausages with mashed potatoes, a goat cheese salad and of course the famous fries. During the right season they offer mussels with chips as well! It’s called ‘Monday Mussel Madness’, which means you can eat moules every Monday (how obvious), for only ten pounds! As one drink is included in the price, I can recommend a Belgian beer here. They offer Duvel, Orval, Leffe, Chimay and many more, so it’s a treat for any belly. No worries, you can also come here with your English boy- or girlfriend as there are still some typical English dishes on the menu. However, they are the outsiders for once.


Don’t expect the waiters and waitresses to speak Dutch, because they simply can’t. (Well, the boss can, so if you really want to complain about your meal you can do it in your own language, but I’m quite sure you won’t have to). You still need to embrace the English touch of the restaurant, but as a London lover that can’t be a problem.

As you’re in the neighbourhood already, go and explore the streets around the restaurant. There are many lovely little pubs with colourful facades and charming terraces, mainly known by the locals. If you take a look at the shop section on this website, you can find out more about this attractive area called Seven Dials. It’s a must see!


Address: 50 Earlham Street (Covent Garden), WC2H 9LJ London

[Other locations in London: Belgo Kingsway (Holborn) and Belgo Noord (Camden)]

 - Written by our guest blogger Fien Dehaen

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Shake Shack London

Omg, there's a Shake Shack in London since July 2013 and I only found out now! What a shame.. 

For those who have never heard of Shake Shack: they have the best burgers and the best fries EVER. They started out as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, NYC in 2001. In 2004 they opened a permanent kiosk in the same park and every day again there's a huge line. 

I've been to the one in Madison Square park in 2012 and I can tell you: it was worth waiting.


Shake Shack London
Covent Garden
24 Market Building, The Piazza
London, WC2E 8RD

Open daily