Gentrification / Shoreditchification

A few days ago Alex Proud of The Telegraph wrote an article called "Why this Shoreditchification of London must stop". He comments heavily on the 20- and 30-somethings who gentrified the area by opening shops, (pop-up)restaurants, etc. Because it becomes a 'cool area' the rising property prices push original residents out, he says. He calls Shoreditch a brand, part of maintream consumer culture. Of course many people working or living in Shoreditch responded. The website Made in Shoreditch for example gathered some of the reactions in "What do we think about Alex Proud's Shoreditchification post".

I tend to agree with the people from Shoreditch. Twenty years ago it was a filthy and dangerous area, now it's one of London's most creative neighbourhoods because of the courageous people who went there and started a business. Why did they go there? Because it was affordable to live in Shoreditch. In that way London became so diverse and popular the way it is today. Yes, you see this gentrification also in East-Berlin and New York, but isn't that a good thing? As Aleks Eror says in his defence: "crack houses get turned into gluten-free vegan microbreweries and knife crime is replaced with sneering at people who shop in Urban Outfitters". I dare you to find anyone who prefers crack houses.

In 2002 (only 12 years ago) this article appeared in The Telegraph: "It's official: Hackney is more dangerous than Soweto". In the article it said: 'Homerton Hospital in Hackney treats 55 knife or gunshot wounds each month'. I can tell you, because of the gentrification the last ten years I felt really safe living in Hackney only 2 minutes away from Homerton Hospital.

What do you think about this gentrification? Not only in London, but also in other big cities like New York or Berlin?