Ever heard of 'The School of Life'?

Me neither. (Or not since long.) Sounds interesting isn't it? Let me introduce you to: 'The School of Life'.


We all feel like we've spent hours on a chair listening to a teacher, but never really felt satisfied with what we've just learned. Still wondering how all that scholarly knowledge will help us in the future? Then maybe this school is your cup of tea! It's not just a school as we know it, in fact it's a little shop and workshop place created by a group of artists, educators and writers such as the famous philosopher Alain De Botton (no philosophical theories in this article, I promise). You can find books with titles as: ‘How to find fulfilling work’, ‘Life lessons’, ‘How to change the world’, supplemented with tools for thinking and much more, all focused on how to live life in a good way. If you get stuck in life or just the opposite, where you rush through life and want to stand still for a moment to reflect on your way of living, I can recommend these books. They contain lots of tips and tricks which you'll enjoy reading.

‘The School of Life’ organizes workshops as well, but I have to admit I'm a bit scared of getting involved in some kind of philosophical sect. As that probably has something to do with my paranoid side, I promise you next time I'm in London I'll join one of them and let you know how I've experienced it (to be continued...). Right now I prefer the books instead, which allows me a bit more to think of it what I want to think of it. This special shop is located in London (where else?) 70 Marchmont Street, which is in the beautiful area of Bloomsbury.

When around in town it's definitely worth a sneak peek in the store! Go check it out yourself and let me know your opinion! Image

Tip: A book I suggest is 'The news: a user’s manual' (written by De Botton): it gives you very interesting perspectives on how we are confronted with news on a daily basis and how we should deal with that. You get to know the hidden inside tricks a newsroom uses to draw our attention. A must read in this news consumption society!

 - Written by our guest blogger Fien Dehaen

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