London Lovers #4

Hello there, my name is Robin Nierynck, a 23-year-old journalist from Bruges Belgium. I’ve been living in London since October 2015, after completing my BA in York and my Master’s in Cardiff.  

When I moved to London, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. And to be sure, now that I’ve spent some time here I can say, it’s a right mess – always busy, crazy expensive and everyone is obsessed with brunch. But of course, as you probably know if you’re reading this, it certainly has an infectious charm and gets you excited about just about anything. Including brunch. 
Living in a flat in Bethnal Green, I’ve fallen in love with the East End and all its quirks. Right on the edge of Victoria Park, my little flat may not be much, but it feels as though I’ve got a world waiting on my doorstep. 

So due to my incredible favouritism when it comes to the East End, I have themed my contribution to include my top 5 East London places. Enjoy! 

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Expect the unexpected: Camden Town

Camden Town is a vibrant, hip neighbourhood in North London you can't get bored of. Grab your coat, jump in your shoes, go out and just walk. Stroll for hours through town and open your eyes. Watch around and observe anything that's going on. You will bump into things you would never expect. Expect the unexpected.

You can spot artistic people, (extreme) alternative ones, musicians, gay people, punks, Asians (including their fancy cameras). You have strange colourful looking folks and you have... 'the outsiders', or let's call them normal. -But what is 'normal' eh?

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