Thumbs up on pigs in Bacon Street and other London news

It has been quiet here (too busy with non-London things...) but now I want to do an overview of London news I came across recently and wanted to share with you.
#1 Thumbs up on Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth
#2 London seen from a helicopter
#3 Stik (and other street art) in Shoreditch

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London lovers #2

My name is Charlotte Billiet and I’m 21 years old. Last year I did an internship of three months in London at the British Transport Police. I had been in London before, but just for a weekend. During the training I had time enough to immerse myself in the amazing city and my love grew even more.  Every day I discovered new lovely places, so selecting my five favourite spots was quite a challenging task.

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London lovers #1

This is the first in a new series about London lovers. I asked a few people for their top 5 places in London.

My name is Hannes Pype, 31 years old, from Kortrijk, Belgium. My first encounter with London must have been about a decade ago. When I started teaching secondary school English,  I had –embarrassingly enough- never been to London. Hence my enthusiasm when I was asked to help organise a three-day London trip for our fourth year pupils. Once there I was immediately infected with the London virus. No incubation time whatsoever, instant addiction. Since then, I try to go there once or twice a year. I am even taking my band there in May to play a few gigs. So anyway, here are my five favourite spots in London, although the sheer idea of selecting merely five places has been a truly daunting task…

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Phlegm - The Bestiary at Howard Griffin Gallery

On Feb 1 'The Bestiary', a solo exhibition by Phlegm (a Sheffield based street artist), opened at Howard Griffin Gallery. Everything will be destroyed when the exhibition is over and none of the art works are for sale.

Of course I went there when I was in London last Sunday. According to me this is a great show, although street art doesn't really fit into an art gallery. But this exhibition is not commercial and definitely ephemeral, so in that way it sticks to the street art practice.

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(All own photos)

Until March 4, 2014 at Howard Griffin Gallery on Shoreditch High Street.

Read an interview with the founder of the gallery here.