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#1 Getting there

By Eurostar

In my opinion the best, easiest and fastest way to go to London from Belgium and France. It's maybe not always the cheapest way, but as usual: keep your eyes open for offers and book in advance.

Minimum fare: €88 return (youth: €84), except for offers (example: €64,50)

By coach

You can also get to London by coach (via the Eurotunnel or by ferry). There are several buses from Belgium's biggest cities to London. I have no experience with this, so I can't really recommend it. Just know it's cheap, but it's a long way... Also, departure hours aren't always the hours you want (think: early in the morning from London to Belgium). But I have friends who did it and they made it, so it's worth a try ;)

Most of the buses stop at Victoria Station.

By plane

London has six international airports (!), which means many destinations! Most of the time it's easy to go by public transport from the airport to the city, so don't worry about that.

  • Heathrow (on the Picadilly line -tube-, so very easy access - zone 6)
  • Gatwick (Gatwick express -train- to Central London OR by bus)
  • Stansted (Stansted Express to Liverpool Street Station -train- in 47 minutes OR by bus to several locations in Central London)
  • City (on the DLR, which is a bit like the tube, but faster and only in East London - zone 3)
  • Luton (by train --> trains are private in London so watch out for expensive ticket prices OR by coach; eg. National Express which is £5 one-way)
  • Southend (by train OR by coach)

#2 Getting around

Oyster Card

My Oyster card with matching Paperchase pouch

My Oyster card with matching Paperchase pouch

The cheapest and easiest way to take the public transport (bus, underground, overground, DLR). It's worth the purchase if you visit London more than once (which you'll do). You pay £5 for the card once and then you can top-up as much as you want. Your Oyster Card has daily caps, which means that you'll always pay less than a day travelcard regardless of how many times you take the tube (or bus). The daily cap for zone 1-2 is £6.50

If you're visiting London just once:

  • buy a day travelcard (£12.10 zones 1-4)
  • buy one fare cards (only if you're not using the public transport very often, like once a day, otherwise it's ridiculously expensive)

(You can find all prices here)

Need a London tube map?